Women’s March 2017


These friends will be at the Women’s March in their area this weekend.

Mrs. B is 98 plus 1/2.

Miss P confused herself years ago. She’s either very old or youngish and in terrible shape.

The dog is Ruby.

Us females got to stick together.

There are more of us than they like to believe.

Let’s show ’em some numbers.

We are the Better World.




We Don’t Care To Be Parted: My Family


My Family is unique.

We chose each other.

LuRain Penny ( on your left ) has been with me since the day we met in the 80’s.

She is a Singer, Songwriter and Philospher.

Her words are those I Live by.

Getting very old, unless she’s mistaken.

She’s not always on the Planet.

please-donut-disturb by codifyer

We’re still working on her autobiography, Maintenance Drinker in the New Age.

Her memory has become untrustworthy so she’s decided to “just make it up as we go along.”

Most of her time nowadays is spent sleeping with Indigo Kitty aka Capt. Black, Adventure Cat.


My Boy stalked us soon after we lost Cody, our big Lab.

He is the Love of my Life.

And I’m a Dog guy.

We live in pastoral simplicity between Mountain and Sea.


Lucky, huh?


aza 2017



Dragonfly Dance – new work by Byrnes and Cody

A collaboration between composer Randy Byrnes & the artist Codifyer.

Inspired by the yearly visits of a red dragonfly who posed for photographs – this is a meditative, peaceful work.

A Love of Nature is reflected in the colors and movement of these still images.

Leave a comment to let us know your impressions.

Thank you.


artwork by Codifyer

2010 -2017


I Remember Pure Sand by aza cody


Twilight of the Gods by codifyer

When I was a kid, Oregonians were proud of being clean and green.

Litter free was the way we liked it. But the World has sadly changed.

Today’s The Ship Report on Coast Community Radio by Joanne Rideout, included a wonderful report on companies creating new products and industries by reclaiming and recycling Marine plastic pollution.

I am very glad to hear it.

Thank you, Joanne, for giving us reason to hope the future may not be as bleak as we fear.

That we are waking up to what we have done.

We are drowning in garbage, especially plastics.

Consider the packaging of every product you buy if you care about what is happening in the Oceans.

Refuse single use bags, utensils, straws.

Toke your own coffee cup or water jar.

Plastics never disappear.

They leach toxic chemicals with unknown future effects into the environment. Animals eat tiny shiny bits to bags mistaken for jellyfish, killing more and more species world-wide every year.

Our Natural World has been transformed by chemicals into bottles of stuff on store shelves all over the Planet.

All those millions of bottles find their way back to the Natural World as poison.

If we ever want to see Pure Sand again, we need to do something now.

If every man, woman and child picked up 1 piece of garbage today – there would be 7.2 Billion pieces not in the Ocean tomorrow.

Nature. #got2loveit before it’s gone.

aza cody

Seaside Sunset by codifyer


arted up photography

Every image no matter how mundane, reveals hidden intricate patterns, symmetry, design & optical illusion.

Using pixels as paint creates depth & texture not common in digital art.

Look close.




A Heart in Nature


Nature #got2loveit before it’s gone……



Last Shot 2016