The Art for Pirate.KittyCat.Toon

The art for Pirate.KittyCat.Toon ™ 

is photo manipulated from original shots by the artist
using a live cat, felted actors & images of waves, clouds & lightening.

The photos were cleaned, de-constructed & transformed producing a unique artistic

Capt. Black’s ship, for example, was built board by board from bits & pieces, a
procedure which took weeks to perfect.

Influenced by early cartoon & American primitive art, the artist endeavours to create
both visual & emotional depth for this little story of heroic bravery & friendship.

A picture book accompanying the video ‘art toon’ will be released in September.

Stay tuned to this channel for up-coming articles on the artist, the star Indigo Kitty, Miss
Jeans Designs on fashioning the felt characters & the amazing tale of Best Friend Buffy.

Thanks to all who have supported this work, through encouraging comments & by
generously passing the links along the social network pipeline.




© 2012 ®

Hope to Hear From U!

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