Miss Jean Designs for Pirate KittyCat Toon

My oldest & closest friend Carole, as Miss Jean Designs, made many of the ‘actors’ for Pirate.KittyCat.Toon.

Buffy & Juan Lucas Whale are stuffed animals.

Cleo, Star Mermaid, Inky Octopie, Fishin’ Kitty & CrowCat all made out of felt.

Carole studied at Oregon College of Arts & Crafts & The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her theatrical costume experience includes Storefront Theatre & The Portland Opera. She is a gifted artist in many mediums. Embroidery, paper arts & collage, altered books, & glass blowing to name  a few. Carole has won numerous awards for her needle felted creations. Those she’s done for Pirate Kitty are some of the best examples of her expertise.

In her own words:

“Needle felting is very meditative.

Wool roving is a delightful medium to sculpt. It’s simple, light & soft in the hand.

The first time I picked up a felting needle, it was as though I’d been doing it forever.

I haven’t stopped since.

                The wool usually dictates the shape; I let creatures emerge by themselves.

 For Pirate Kitty, I needed to conform to the idea of each character. It’s a different process & taught me a lot. For example, I wired Fishin’ Kitty & CrowCat to make them bendable into different poses for photographs. Inky Octopie was made as a hand puppet so Indigo could ‘fight’ him for the camera. Cleo had to be the most facially expressive.

I’m thrilled with Aza’s ability to manipulate images of my creations to tell the story.

My favorite character from those I did for PK? Star. I have an affinity for Mermaids.”

Carole lives surrounded by tall trees in Oregon, her house full of unique cats.

Working together on Pirate Kitty has been a great experience in combining our two art forms. She’s inventive, extremely knowledgeable & efficient.  From conception to completion, Carole’s been unwavering in her encouragement & inspiration.

Pirate Kitty would not be the same without her. I’m grateful for her faith & friendship.

And thanks for your comments & support.



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