New Teaser Out & The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store Open

Pirate. KittyCat.Toon™ is nearing completion.

A new Teaser is out.

Buffy needs rescue & Capt. Black is ready to leap into uncertainty.
He’s not the only one.

As an independent artist, I’m financing this project single handedly.
While it is easier to self produce than ever, the enormous competition for attention in
the tech age present new challenges.
Artists must be much more creative & diverse to develop revenue stream.
Establishing a saturating on-line presence is labor intensive  even for
those who are adept.
The expense of promotional materials, registration protection & legal advice can take
the whole of a small budget.
The video cost me nothing but love & time to produce.
Self-publishing the picture book will be the bulk of my expenses.
I’ve already sold most of my possessions. :-)

In order generate interest & additional funds, I have opened The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store.

Offering posters, cards, t-shirts & other product made from the art with all royalties going toward the book.
Have a look & consider supporting by passing my links along to your
social media connections.

Heart-felt appreciation to all who have given Pirate Kitty encouragement, enthusiastic advice &

Artists often starve for their art.
Feedback is nourishment.

Thank you,

© 2012 ®

3 responses to “New Teaser Out & The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store Open

  1. Thanks to all for your support! And many thanks to friends Penny & Rob for their generous donation to the publishing of the Pirate Kitty picture book.
    Much obliged, aza & Capt. Black

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