Pirate Kitty Donates to Black Cat Rescue


Thanks to all who have encouraged Pirate.KittyCat.Toon.

It has been truly heartwarming to read the comments & see those thumbs up!

The project is progressing.

Self publishing the picture book is an overwhelming process & I have learned a great deal about the options out there.

Over the next weeks, I’ll pass the info along on these blogs.

I welcome input & advice of those of you knowledgeable with the procedures & pitfalls.

Over the next two months, a percentage of artist royalties from sale of art & product at the Pirate.KittyCat. Store will be donated to an animal rescue group in my beloved Indigo’s name.

My next blog will detail the work the sanctuary does & why I chose them to start off my partnership with organizations dedicated to the care of homeless pets.

I hope you will stop by the Store & like us, leave a comment or consider a purchase to benefit a worthy cause.

My dear friend, Miss LuRain Penny, has agreed to read Pirate Kitty for a new video, which focuses on the art & story, making it easier for small kids to follow along.

In school & library presentations to teach kids kindness through art are also planned.


Again, my great appreciation for all the enthusiasm.

Stay Tuned for further escapades of Indigo Black ::Adventure Cat & his pals.

Full Steam Ahead, mateys!


Happy Hols,



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