The Beacon Light

Thanks for all the encouragement & enthusiasm over the new work.

Being here is a photographers dream.

Visual opportunities abound.

Though we have only been on the Oregon Coast for a couple weeks, we’ve already made in-roads into the community & have some terrific friends.

Since we are on a coast line that was formerly pirate ridden, Pirate Kitty is much appreciated & LuRain is making plans to read the work at the Neighbors For Kids facility in Depoe Bay.


Printing my work is still an issue, even more so here as the choices are fewer, so I’m on the trail of printers who can match the colors with more integrity.

Will keep you informed of my progress.

Any advice or input you want to add will be appreciated.

In a week or two, should be able to get back to interviewing writers & artists concerning self – publishing Pirate KittyCat Toon.


Meanwhile, enjoy the latest.

It is from a series for a poem Miss Penny is writing about Pirate Cove House.

Thanks again for your support.

I’m very grateful.




2 responses to “Beacon

  1. Thanks Annette, I’m really inspired by the Natural Beauty here. The images are so easy to work with being fluid already :-)
    Always appreciate your checking in on me & giving me encouragement.
    As Miss Penny would say, you’re a peach!

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