We Don’t Care To Be Parted: My Family


My Family is unique.

We chose each other.

LuRain Penny ( on your left ) has been with me since the day we met in the 80’s.

She is a Singer, Songwriter and Philospher.

Her words are those I Live by.

Getting very old, unless she’s mistaken.

She’s not always on the Planet.

please-donut-disturb by codifyer

We’re still working on her autobiography, Maintenance Drinker in the New Age.

Her memory has become untrustworthy so she’s decided to “just make it up as we go along.”

Most of her time nowadays is spent sleeping with Indigo Kitty aka Capt. Black, Adventure Cat.


My Boy stalked us soon after we lost Cody, our big Lab.

He is the Love of my Life.

And I’m a Dog guy.

We live in pastoral simplicity between Mountain and Sea.


Lucky, huh?


aza 2017



4 responses to “We Don’t Care To Be Parted: My Family

  1. I love this short story, I want more.💕🐳 you are a gift🎁Gracie and Tanner say Hi 🐾🐾❣

  2. :-) Trying to pull everything together into 1 place. Too many sites and pages. This page will be us all. Cheers! HYN!

  3. Am working to get more up. Thanks for being there. Love to the Babes and you! Come visit soon. Hugs and Honey, aza, LuRain and Stinkypotpie.

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