Is Raw Pet Food Safe?

Raw pet food is problematic. Safe source and storage are crucial.

Not all frozen raw food dog products are reliable and many have been recalled.

One problem with frozen food is defrosting before consuming.

Bacteria is not killed by freezing and blooms hugely at room temp.

To be sure, they can be brought to a boil in water and cooked until all trace of red is gone.

Defeats the purpose of raw – but then salmonella can kill pets.

Not even hand raised and home killed animals are without danger, since processing must take place in sterile environment to be sure.


Many wild animals now have diseases that are transmissible through their meat & organs.

Store bought meat, packaged in plastic, frozen and defrosted several times before placed out for sale should never be given to pets unless well cooked. This can be as simple as boiling for a few mins.

Ground meat, liver and hearts take only mins to prepare and are much safer than raw food under the conditions we find our food industry at the present time.

Let me know if you have any questions or recipes. Thanks, aza


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