I Dream of Ravioli










You’re getting old, the doctors scold

Got to do now what you’re told

Can’t drink coffee, farewell to tea

Them things just ain’t good for me

Skip the meat, fat or wheat

So many foods I should delete

Cheese sends my blood pressure high

I could die from pecan pie!

Tasty morsels once delightful

Bind my guts way passed tightful

No more booze. It hurts my liver

Sugar make my fingers quiver

Don’t ever smoke for fear of stroke

Poach this white. Toss that yoke

At least grocery bills be small

Cuz I don’t get to eat at all

Must find a new way to behave

By cutting out all that I crave

If only I could prove the dare

That humans beings can live on Air

;-) xxx


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