No Place Like Home

We live in a pastoral setting. It has been for centuries a meeting place for wildlife.

Every day, geese gather for a grain circle. They are joined by California Ground Squirrels, Red wing Blackbirds, Stellar Jays. Doves, Mallard and Wood Ducks and Deer.

Every now and then, Elk come to visit too.

Elk are majestic in bearing and regal by nature. Affection between family members is displayed as tenderly as any human.

I have seen them kiss each other on the mouth, a Father gently stroking his young on the back with his head, a female waiting and watching for her mate who went off by himself.

They are excellent parents, patient and loving.

Other critters have great respect for Male Elk, even trepidation.

They are much more relaxed around females.

.What a joy to come home to our inter-species family.

It’s good to get along.

Hope to Hear From U!

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