Red Darter Dragonfly

For 5 years in the desert, I took pictures of a Red Darter dragonfly.

He mated each Summer in a rock swimming pool I got to visit every week.

Dragonflies can live that long, but I was never sure it was the same fellow as our rapport changed from year to year.

He came in late June and stayed til the end of August.

The first time we’d see each other after a long winter apart, I would squeal with joy.

He’d fly round and round my head before settling on the small rose-bush on the pool’s edge, close enough to get right into his beautiful face.

I photographed him with a cheap camera in hundreds of positions.

He would even move to better light if I asked him too.

He never got tired of posing as I scrambled over tree branches and up the stone sides to capture his delicate beauty.

Over the course of our friendship; he landed on me more than once, let me touch his body & kiss his head several times.

Privileged to be present at a very acrobatic aerial mating, I heard the tiny snick when he entered the female.




One day I glanced up to see him looking at me.

Wasn’t until I processed the film I saw his smile.

Inter – species relationships have always been my best.

Miss you, Buddy.

Love, aza

Hope to Hear From U!

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