An obvious artist from an early age, Aza Cody has written, performed and produced in all mediums of stage, television, radio and film.

Her troubadour spirit sent her to many places in the US and abroad in the course of her career;  including many yrs in London where she worked for Stephen McCormack, BBC Producer and the playwright and screen writer Roger MacDougall.

She spent 6 years in NYC, where she was hired by Hospital Audiences Inc. & The American Theatre Wing as an performance therapy artist in all facilities from locked wards to shelters.

The late Michael Jon Spencer, Executive Director of HAI, wrote in his recommendation of Aza’s work,

“You have an unique ability to relate one on one an energizing spirit of care and respect.”

George Burns and Aza Cody

Returning to the West Coast, Ms Cody performed original plays in various theaters before taking on Theatre on the Park in Portland, Oregon.

She ran this as a teaching business, hiring 100’s of actors & artists, operating without a Board of Directors or Corporate sponsors for over 4 years.

Aza Cody added  photographic artist to her abilities in the late 90’s when she taught herself Photoshop.

She developed the digital technique ‘tactile illusion’; using pixels as paint to produce a texture uncommon in most digital images.

 Ms Cody is also a professional pet care provider, specializing in diet and emotional well being.

She is presently booking Animal Talks with a Tail.

This series of interactive discussions inform, entertain & enlighten children and adults in the caring and feeding of their beloved critters.

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5 responses to “Codifyer

  1. I’m so happy to have arrived, tired and disoriented, but at long last.

  2. I love the look of your new revised site and the art.

    I wish you success as I know there will be many who will wish to purchase what they see here as it is unique.

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