Eye2Eye: Fishy Business


From a photo taken at the Seaside Aquarium, Oregon Coast.

This fellow and I fascinated each other.

Inter-species encounters are the most thrilling #imo.

Look and you’ll see Nature paying attention to you.


Cheers, aza



My Travel Kitty


Indigo adopted us 10 yrs ago when our big Lab Cody passed away.

He had been abandoned for some time before because we’d seen him out and about in our neighborhood.

He waited on our back porch for months while we grieved, we never noticed him.

Then one day, driving around the back, I saw him. Sitting hunchy on the step.

He looked so sad.

A few minutes later on my journey, I saw a homeless man, sitting in a bus shelter.

The first thought to occur was – He reminds me of the kitty!

Cat food was bought that very day.

The process of introducing him into our household ( as a temporary visitor at first ) was begun.

LuRain was terrified of him.

She was quite put out over his intrusion into her bereavement.

But that’s another story….

He is the Love of my Life, a brave and amazing little Man.




Travel Kitty by codifyer


Oz by codifyer

Oz by codifyer

Announcing the opening of my new blog

Pet Companion Resource: Loving Our Animals

In tandem with a Facebook page, this resource promotes real food for dogs and cats.

It will feature health and diet information, recipes, pet food industry recalls, and interviews with Animal Lovers, Activists, Artists, Writers, Businesses, Cooks, Charities, Shelters and Services.

 I’m a special diets cook for pets with many years experience.

It is my firm conviction we should not co-op the feeding of family members entirely to the pet food industry over which we have no control or actual knowledge of source material and process.

A recent FDA decision makes labeling the country of origin on meat no longer required.

It is incumbent on the consumer to be cautious when it comes to relying on companies and corporations with so many recalls and illness related products.

I hope you will join our group of animal lovers in sharing best practices and suggestions for the caring and feeding of our pets.

Contributions, links and comments welcome.

 Happy New Year to you.


aza cody

Pet Me Goats

Pet Me Goats by codifyer

Arted Up Photography – Tactile Illusion

UnCommon Animal Art by codifyer