Pirate.KittyCat.Toon on Youtube Now!

Pirate. KittyCat.Toon™ is live on Youtube!

I want to thank all those who supported me with kindness, patience & encouragement over the last nine months.

It truly was giving birth.

This project stretched me as an artist, & was inspired by the bravery of my little kitty Indigo.

The plight of black cats in this World has been a tale of woe.

They are the most abused & the last adopted.

My plan is to team with Black Kitty Rescue organizations &  go into schools to educate kids.

One look at Indigo’s mangled foot & they will understand just how brutal humans can be towards defenseless animals.

May it shock them into a life long resolve to treat all Beings with respect & dignity.


Pirate Kitty is the first in a series of picture books & art toons starring Indigo Black, Adventure Cat.

A Hero in each tale with his merry crew as ensemble players.

The possibilities are limitless.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to illustrate work which celebrates courage, friendship & joy.


Hope you look, like & leave a comment on the video.

Your opinions are valuable to help me grow as an artist & are always appreciated.



© 2012 ®

Indigo Black :: Star of Pirate.KittyCat.Toon

Indigo Black is the star of Pirate.KittyCat.Toon.

He was abused, abandoned & homeless for many years before adopting me after my beloved
Cody passed.
He courted me for several weeks; coming over for dinner, sleeping with me & leaving in the
morning. A Typical male. :-)

Indigo likes to kiss on the lips.

Watching him in his natural element, I discovered why he survived where others wouldn’t.
Though he limps a little from a mangled foot, he is a tenacious hunter.

Smart, courageous & faster than spit.

He fed himself by catching wild bunnies, lizards, & birds. He doesn’t need to forage anymore,
but keeps his chops sharp by stalking the wild cricket.

When I put a collar on him the first time, he threw his arms around my neck & hugged me.
He enjoys sitting outside on his own, always staying in the yard.
He’s never going to be homeless again.
Indigo talks & does so constantly.

His ability to carry on conversations never fails to
make me laugh. We understand each other absolutely.

He is quite the ham, loves having his picture taken & his collection of hats rivals that of my
friend LuRain Penny.
Last Halloween, I bought him a pirate hat.

This picture began the project which has consumed & engaged me for almost a year.
He is the perfect hero.
His resilience, humor & intelligence is a testament of grace under pressure & no grudges held.
In-spite of everything he suffered, this little kitty is the soul of sweetness.

He healed my wounded Heart & inspired me to create by best work.
How lucky can I get?


BTW – read more about my art & Miss LuRain in this interview by Bill Nigh.

© 2012 ®

New Teaser Out & The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store Open

Pirate. KittyCat.Toon™ is nearing completion.

A new Teaser is out.

Buffy needs rescue & Capt. Black is ready to leap into uncertainty.
He’s not the only one.

As an independent artist, I’m financing this project single handedly.
While it is easier to self produce than ever, the enormous competition for attention in
the tech age present new challenges.
Artists must be much more creative & diverse to develop revenue stream.
Establishing a saturating on-line presence is labor intensive  even for
those who are adept.
The expense of promotional materials, registration protection & legal advice can take
the whole of a small budget.
The video cost me nothing but love & time to produce.
Self-publishing the picture book will be the bulk of my expenses.
I’ve already sold most of my possessions. :-)

In order generate interest & additional funds, I have opened The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store.

Offering posters, cards, t-shirts & other product made from the art with all royalties going toward the book.
Have a look & consider supporting by passing my links along to your
social media connections.

Heart-felt appreciation to all who have given Pirate Kitty encouragement, enthusiastic advice &

Artists often starve for their art.
Feedback is nourishment.

Thank you,

© 2012 ®

Miss Jean Designs for Pirate KittyCat Toon

My oldest & closest friend Carole, as Miss Jean Designs, made many of the ‘actors’ for Pirate.KittyCat.Toon.

Buffy & Juan Lucas Whale are stuffed animals.

Cleo, Star Mermaid, Inky Octopie, Fishin’ Kitty & CrowCat all made out of felt.

Carole studied at Oregon College of Arts & Crafts & The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Her theatrical costume experience includes Storefront Theatre & The Portland Opera. She is a gifted artist in many mediums. Embroidery, paper arts & collage, altered books, & glass blowing to name  a few. Carole has won numerous awards for her needle felted creations. Those she’s done for Pirate Kitty are some of the best examples of her expertise.

In her own words:

“Needle felting is very meditative.

Wool roving is a delightful medium to sculpt. It’s simple, light & soft in the hand.

The first time I picked up a felting needle, it was as though I’d been doing it forever.

I haven’t stopped since.

                The wool usually dictates the shape; I let creatures emerge by themselves.

 For Pirate Kitty, I needed to conform to the idea of each character. It’s a different process & taught me a lot. For example, I wired Fishin’ Kitty & CrowCat to make them bendable into different poses for photographs. Inky Octopie was made as a hand puppet so Indigo could ‘fight’ him for the camera. Cleo had to be the most facially expressive.

I’m thrilled with Aza’s ability to manipulate images of my creations to tell the story.

My favorite character from those I did for PK? Star. I have an affinity for Mermaids.”

Carole lives surrounded by tall trees in Oregon, her house full of unique cats.

Working together on Pirate Kitty has been a great experience in combining our two art forms. She’s inventive, extremely knowledgeable & efficient.  From conception to completion, Carole’s been unwavering in her encouragement & inspiration.

Pirate Kitty would not be the same without her. I’m grateful for her faith & friendship.

And thanks for your comments & support.



© 2012 ®

The Amazing Story of Best Friend Buffy


My first friend was our Bassett Hound Buffy.

We used to lie outside in the grass, with my head on his back, looking up & dreaming.

Loved him so much, I named my stuffed dog Little Buffy.

Too early I lost them both.

I grew up but never forgot.


30 years later, I found Little Buffy in a Salvation Army Store in my hometown.

One of those tiny miracles that happen all the time.

He’s been with me ever since.

(Indigo likes to sleep with his head on Buffy just like I did.)

 Now he stars as Best Mate to Capt. Black in Pirate.KittyCat.Toon.

 Lost at Sea & needs rescue.

Capt. Black does not hesitate to risk his Life to save his pal.

 True friends do that.

And what is yours returns.



 © 2012 ®

The Art for Pirate.KittyCat.Toon

The art for Pirate.KittyCat.Toon ™ 

is photo manipulated from original shots by the artist
using a live cat, felted actors & images of waves, clouds & lightening.

The photos were cleaned, de-constructed & transformed producing a unique artistic

Capt. Black’s ship, for example, was built board by board from bits & pieces, a
procedure which took weeks to perfect.

Influenced by early cartoon & American primitive art, the artist endeavours to create
both visual & emotional depth for this little story of heroic bravery & friendship.

A picture book accompanying the video ‘art toon’ will be released in September.

Stay tuned to this channel for up-coming articles on the artist, the star Indigo Kitty, Miss
Jeans Designs on fashioning the felt characters & the amazing tale of Best Friend Buffy.

Thanks to all who have supported this work, through encouraging comments & by
generously passing the links along the social network pipeline.




© 2012 ®

The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Teaser on Youtube Now

Revolutionary in the best way possible :–))x  Annette M.


The Pirate.KittyCat. Toon new teaser is on Youtube now.

With jazz from the 1920’s, it’s getting up on it’s feet & will soon be ready to dance!

Coming Sept. 19 – that’s Talk Like a Pirate Day – apropos, no?


Stay tune to this channel for blog posts on the live star, Indigo Black, & his felted friends.

Thanks for all the comments & encouragement.