I Dream of Ravioli










You’re getting old, the doctors scold

Got to do now what you’re told

Can’t drink coffee, farewell to tea

Them things just ain’t good for me

Skip the meat, fat or wheat

So many foods I should delete

Cheese sends my blood pressure high

I could die from pecan pie!

Tasty morsels once delightful

Bind my guts way passed tightful

No more booze. It hurts my liver

Sugar make my fingers quiver

Don’t ever smoke for fear of stroke

Poach this white. Toss that yoke

At least grocery bills be small

Cuz I don’t get to eat at all

Must find a new way to behave

By cutting out all that I crave

If only I could prove the dare

That humans beings can live on Air

;-) xxx



Empathy can be too hard for tender hearts to bear

use a balm not a hot sword

soothe don’t sear

care don’t cauterize



Empathy is a Gift

it can be double edged

when it hurts too much

bathe it in Love

;-) xxx

Ode to Age

I am not pristine. I am weathered.

My flesh bears the mark of all my indulgences and injuries.

Though it was I who stumbled, my body fell.

I love my carriage now.

It has borne me along all these years.

I know it, recognize it as mine, am grateful for its service.

A home for my soul, twisted no longer.

Came through the dark night, my starling, to shine.

Fight for Nature


I get how hard it is to change lifestyle

That most folks don’t want any inconvenience

But Life on Earth is not all about us #imo



To me Nature is the Mother
Her destruction is Sacrilege

Tribes of Trees and Wild Beings are being wiped out

While we shop til we drop

I am not waiting for anyone else to get it
My family has made changes in our way of thinking, eating, shopping, driving, even to what we wear to help the planet and ourselves going forward into this dark time in ‘his’ story

If everyone did only 1 thing for the future today – there would be 8 billion things done by tomorrow – is that too much to give to our children?

Make things better where you are

What a world it would be then, if we all cared enough about something other than our comfort

Thank you


Please Don’t Dump Waste into the Ocean

70% of land pollution ends up in the Ocean. Not only that but folks pouring away chemicals and drugs down the drain or in the toilet are contaminating our water ways daily.


Have a problem knowing where to put toxic garbage?

Check with your local refuse or recycling companies for the best place to put your toxic trash like paint and household cleaners.

As for medicines; this from Medicinenet.com  –  The US Geological Survey studied water from 139 streams in 30 states and found that 80% contained traces of pharmaceuticals. The affect that those traces of pharmaceuticals may have on the environment, plants, and marine life is unknown. Studies are ongoing to determine the effects of Prozac and other anti-depressants on fish development. Other work is focused on the effects of Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug, on fish reproduction.

Some local government agencies have medication receptacles or specific days set aside to collect medications that are out of date or are no longer needed. Doctors’ offices or pharmacies may have medication receptacles. You simply bring your old or unusable medication to the office and dispose of them in the receptacle. You may want to ask your physician if they have these available.

For E waste from Consumers Reports – Electronics products can also contain toxic substances, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which all must be disposed of carefully. So far, 25 states have passed laws requiring people to recycle old electronics. But no matter where you live, there are safe methods for disposing of electronic waste.

Even Goodwill takes  electronics for disposal – no doubt making money from reclaiming the minerals and metals.

For too long we have use water as a way to hide what we don’t want to see around. Fukushima is planning to eliminate their huge burden of contaminated water by dumping it in the Ocean in 2022. What Japan fails to realize, is that the Ocean is not theirs to infect with poison.

Do what you can where u are to reduce the amount of garbage you accumulate by not buying more than you need, buying only products with minimal packaging, and not using caustic chemicals for any reason. Time is running out. #imo



Thanks, LuRain






Lapse Cats :: The Family Penny


excerpt from Maintenance Drinker in the New Age

Rathlin Patrick Penny – my Grandad – was Catholic Irish.

Went to Church only a few times in his life.

He’d thrash anyone who scorned or doubted his belief.

Certain aspects of the religion was imprinted on him at birth.

Took advantage of those rules or rituals which aided him, ignored them that din’t.


Old Da was a proud con man by professional inclination.

Under the protection of St. Dismas – patron of criminals and undertakers.

The feast day of this saint is March 25.

‘Lucky’- as my grandfather was known – celebrated it as though it were his birthday.

Wishing everyone a Merry Dismas – handing out Dismas cards.

The local priest was a drinking buddy.

Granma Pen said that this fellow had a hollow leg.

(A description I came to understand viscerally when I took up the glass myself.)

He and Lucky closed down many a bar with a knock down drag out brawl.

After which the priest absolved them both.

Old Da loved Absolution.

Granma Pen was a rigorous believer.

She condemned anyone who wasn’t Catholic as Hell bound.

The Hades of her imagination was only slightly worse than the life her Almighty had in store for her.

Existence was a revolve of retribution, punishment, confession then penance.

Ring around the rosary.

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Last Rites by LuRain Penny

When I’m too old to carry on

Can’t light a pipe or write a song

Don’t dump me in a elder home

Lest I die out all alone

Prop this body against a tree

Cover with leaves then sing to me

Drink and dance till no eye dry

While I rise to fly fly fly


Black Trees by codifyer