Nature needs our help

Please Remember Wildlife in fire areas

Leave out water at least

And food they can eat like grain mix or apples

We have devastated their homes

As good stewards, we must take care of our fellow Beings

What is the Earth without Nature?

Travelling w/ Pets: Hotels

Leaving your dog or cat alone in a hotel, motel or resort room is not allowed in most places anymore. This is for the safety of everyone’s animals and to reduce disturbance to other guests.
Before you travel, check with the facility when booking in to find qualified sitters to come and look after your pet while you dine and dance.
Many hotels have local people they recommend for such services – so booking in advance saves time and last minute worry.
Make sure the vendor you let stay in your room with your pet has insurance, and local licenses  to confirm integrity.
Holidays are coming up.
Plan ahead
 Perfect Model by the codifyer .com

Your Pets Food Should Be Safe Enough for Grandma To Eat


Marion and Ruby sharing a meal by codifyer


If you eat meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, grain or dairy you can share with your dog or cat.

Reduce reliance on processed pet treats and food items

Often they are made from 4D meat: dead, decayed, diseased or dying of dubious source.

To be assured of quality, supplement with Real Food whenever possible

Sharing is pack behavior

Nutritionally satisfied pets are happier and better mannered.

So are Grandmas!