No Place Like Home

We live in a pastoral setting. It has been for centuries a meeting place for wildlife.

Every day, geese gather for a grain circle. They are joined by California Ground Squirrels, Red wing Blackbirds, Stellar Jays. Doves, Mallard and Wood Ducks and Deer.

Every now and then, Elk come to visit too.

Elk are majestic in bearing and regal by nature. Affection between family members is displayed as tenderly as any human.

I have seen them kiss each other on the mouth, a Father gently stroking his young on the back with his head, a female waiting and watching for her mate who went off by himself.

They are excellent parents, patient and loving.

Other critters have great respect for Male Elk, even trepidation.

They are much more relaxed around females.

.What a joy to come home to our inter-species family.

It’s good to get along.

Red Darter Dragonfly

For 5 years in the desert, I took pictures of a Red Darter dragonfly.

He mated each Summer in a rock swimming pool I got to visit every week.

Dragonflies can live that long, but I was never sure it was the same fellow as our rapport changed from year to year.

He came in late June and stayed til the end of August.

The first time we’d see each other after a long winter apart, I would squeal with joy.

He’d fly round and round my head before settling on the small rose-bush on the pool’s edge, close enough to get right into his beautiful face.

I photographed him with a cheap camera in hundreds of positions.

He would even move to better light if I asked him too.

He never got tired of posing as I scrambled over tree branches and up the stone sides to capture his delicate beauty.

Over the course of our friendship; he landed on me more than once, let me touch his body & kiss his head several times.

Privileged to be present at a very acrobatic aerial mating, I heard the tiny snick when he entered the female.




One day I glanced up to see him looking at me.

Wasn’t until I processed the film I saw his smile.

Inter – species relationships have always been my best.

Miss you, Buddy.

Love, aza

Underestimating Pigs

Pigs are remarkably smart animals

They are closest to humans for many medical procedures including

cornea & organ transplants.

Sadly, lab pigs are grown as product

Kept in crush cages for most of their lives

Harvested for human use.

Now science has video documentation of a pig using tools.

This moves the porcine up the ‘scientific’ scale as far as intelligence.

But doesn’t change our belief in our right to abuse them for our own ends.

Imagine now how they must feel as life long prisoners

Separated from their children

From comfort

From freedom

How can cruelty ever be healing?




Grace Goose

Canada Geese are great Mothers

They work in female teams to protect their goslings

All males are kept away until the babies have fledged

Families stay together for most of their lives

Though fiercely territorial, they will accept other waterfowl into their midst like ducks.

If they feel like it

Rat Poop in Food – How much is legal?

“Many of your favorite foods may contain bits and pieces of creatures that you probably didn’t know were there”

No self respecting Mother would allow any.

The food industry, owned by Big Pharma tells us it’s unreasonable to rid our food of every contaminate.

Only because the harvesting, shipping and processing procedures are not conducive to keeping things safe.

If human grade food is so riddled with filth – what must pet food contain?

Buy organic, grow what u can, share with others, stop buying processed product.

The USDA & US_FDA are in the business of supporting the system. They care less about us, our pets or the animals we consume.

How can cruelty, disrespect & neglect ever be healthy?