Miss LuRain Penny

Dilleresque by codifyer

LuRain Penny claims to be the World’s Oldest Oxygenarian, though her true age is mystery.

 In the beginning she added on, and by the time she started subtracting, she confused herself. She likes to think she is either very old or ‘youngish and in terrible shape.’



Though she spent most of her life as a singer, she had no success at all until she was chosen to perform in Hatbox in 1980.Her ‘Comeback from Nowhere’ made her one of the most popular performers on the NY Cabaret circuit. She became the longest running act in town playing from the Top of the Gate to the Bottom Line.

LuRain Penny had the honor of being an opening act for Ray Charles, Taz Mahal & Dr Billie Taylor. She headlined with Dr. Dick Gregory and was featured in a film with Frank Gorshin.  Her solo show won the Manhatten Association of Cabaret Awards in 1988.

She joined director Aza Cody at Theatre of the Park in Oregon and collaborated with composer arranger Bill Beach to produce an album of original tunes, Crest of a Wave Tour.

Miss Penny at the Cove by codifyer

Health issues forced a retirement from long engagements though she can still ‘trot it out’ every couple of years.

She is at present working on her autobiography;                           Maintenance Drinker in the New Age.

LuRain loves holding court on Twitter where her Penny Philosophy is much appreciated for its salty wit and sympathetic wisdom.

Miss Penny believes if each person did 1 thing for the Earth today, there would be 7.6 billion things done by tomorrow.

“The World is healed little by little by every act of kindness and caring.”

Love, LuRain

;-) xxx