Luna LuRain


Halloween Portrait of the Performer and Philosopher LuRain Penny by the Lady She lives with.

Happy Holidays!



Taking to the Top :: Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Book!

To the Top!

The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon™ Book is finished!

More later on the joys & trials of self-publishing.

Thanks for your support and encouragement.





Pirate KittyCatToons in Partnership w/ Home For Life Sanctuary

Thanks for all the support and encouragement for the Pirate KittyCat Toon™ project!

LuRain Reads Pirate Kitty is getting hit on youtube.

A wonderful review of the work by Cathryn Wellner just came out.

Indigo Black :: Adventure Cat has his own Facebook page.

And orders for the book are coming in!

This presents a challenge in self publishing which I will be detailing in the next blog.

In an effort to raise awareness of the project & generate income, I’m selling my art & products through theCodifyerGallery  & from me directly.

As always, I welcome any insight or advice on the subject of publishing & will pass it on through the network.

The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store donates 10% of royalties on sale to Home For Life®  in Minnesota to the end of 2012!

This wonderful organization provides a true home for life for pets whose age or physical condition makes them otherwise ‘un-adoptable’.

From their website:

Home For Life® is an expression of a new kind of animal shelter—the long-term animal sanctuary. We provide animals with loving care, a nurturing environment that is safe and stable, a place to belong. We provide lifetime care for cats and dogs with special needs who cannot find a home, but who can still lead a quality life. Most shelters offer two options for animals: adoption or euthanasia. A typical family home is not appropriate for every animal.

Those who are old, or who have disabilities, health or temperament problems may do better in another setting. Home For Life® believes that these special animals deserve an alternative that will meet their needs. Hence, we created “The Third Door” animal rescue and welfare program where special animals have an option previously unavailable. The Home for Life® animals enjoy a quality life, where they can be themselves, run and play, and be loved and cherished for as long as they live. The Third Door™ program provides an animal rescue option for such special animals.

Through their various community out-reach programs, “HFL touches people of all ages through our innovative community outreach programs and the client organizations we serve. Animals that were once rejected and neglected are given a second chance at our sanctuary, and then, with faith in life restored; give back through their participation in the Pet Peace Corps.”

I am proud that the LuRain Reads Pirate Kitty has been chosen as  part of the HFL Peace Creatures® A collaborative program with the Tubman Family Alliance of the Twin Cities and the Women of Nations Shelter in St. Paul, MN, the Peace Creatures® project uses volunteers, staff and animals from the sanctuary to teach peaceful conflict resolution to families impacted by domestic violence. This is truly an honor & exactly the use to which I hoped this project would be put; teaching empathy through Art.

 Support the Artist & HFL – please pass along our links & consider us for your gifts this Holiday.

Thanks to all who have encouraged this project.





New Teaser Out & The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store Open

Pirate. KittyCat.Toon™ is nearing completion.

A new Teaser is out.

Buffy needs rescue & Capt. Black is ready to leap into uncertainty.
He’s not the only one.

As an independent artist, I’m financing this project single handedly.
While it is easier to self produce than ever, the enormous competition for attention in
the tech age present new challenges.
Artists must be much more creative & diverse to develop revenue stream.
Establishing a saturating on-line presence is labor intensive  even for
those who are adept.
The expense of promotional materials, registration protection & legal advice can take
the whole of a small budget.
The video cost me nothing but love & time to produce.
Self-publishing the picture book will be the bulk of my expenses.
I’ve already sold most of my possessions. :-)

In order generate interest & additional funds, I have opened The Pirate.KittyCat.Toon Store.

Offering posters, cards, t-shirts & other product made from the art with all royalties going toward the book.
Have a look & consider supporting by passing my links along to your
social media connections.

Heart-felt appreciation to all who have given Pirate Kitty encouragement, enthusiastic advice &

Artists often starve for their art.
Feedback is nourishment.

Thank you,

© 2012 ®