Dragonfly Dance – new work by Byrnes and Cody

A collaboration between composer Randy Byrnes & the artist Codifyer.

Inspired by the yearly visits of a red dragonfly who posed for photographs – this is a meditative, peaceful work.

A Love of Nature is reflected in the colors and movement of these still images.

Leave a comment to let us know your impressions.

Thank you.


artwork by Codifyer

2010 -2017


Cackling Goose and Gander

Cackling Goose and Gander by Codifyer

Scenic Coastal Oregon Travel Art


Codifyer Gallery


Pet Companion Walks the Dog

 Morning, Noon & Night by codifyer

Pet Companion is represented by KaCo Social Soup Promotion

Arted Up Photography by codifyer




Stay Calm by codifyer


codifyer art

2014 – 2017

Bec at the Window

Bec by the Window


Scenic Coastal Oregon

Photographie Picturesque.

Nature. Architecture. Portraiture.

by the codifyer



Hole Where Whole Was

Whole Where Whole Was

Tragedy without warning

Is the Mother of despair

Rips the Heart from out its place

Leaving nothing there.

Grief  creeps in with silent feet

To settle in the hole

Then permeates the body

And petrifies the Soul.


words & art by theCodifyer


Self-publishing Pirate.KittyCat.Toon

PK page 1

Pirate.KittyCat.Toon™ is finally completed as a book.

It evolved from idea through the images, to the music video, & finally to text.

Not the unusual manner of approach to be sure.

Projects unfold on their own, when given the freedom to do so.

Art is Magic.

PK page 22

Now what? I have orders for copies & am faced with all the options out there for publishing.

My research into this actually has raised more questions & concerns than I thought possible.

Print on Demand or print on my own & sell it from the back of  my truck?

E-book or hard copy.

Book Shepard or Agent?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll blog about the process of getting a book published, out & sold in this economy.

With the trend towards ‘virtual’ publishing,  what are the pitfalls of signing away first rights to an on-line producer?

Are actual books worth the trouble & effort of producing?

What kind of royalties can be expected; from POD sales, from downloads?

Are there difficulties in maintaining color integrity for artwork when every printer & device reads colors differently?

When one can’t afford an IT attorney, what measures can be taken by the author to protect the product & their rights?

PK page 17

I invite input from other bloggers on this subject.

Leave comments here or message me & I’ll interview you via email.

Also I’ll ask some of my LinkedIn connections for their info & advice to help encourage anyone who is involved, as I am, in bringing their book to readers, through the exploration of novel ways to print, promote & publish.

I’ve been over-whelmed by the response to my project.

Thank all of you who have expressed your enthusiasm.

It has kept me going.

As my old friend LuRain Penny tells me;

“Don’t just think outside the Box, use it for kindling!”