Healing Power of Animals : Talk w/ a Tail

LuRain Penny is a singer, songwriter & philospher.

Most of her life was spent without the company of animals.

Coming in close contact brought her a new understanding of their loving nature.

In this short interview with her friend and artist, aza cody, Miss Penny discusses two tender life changing relationships with furry fellows.

“Very Moving. Remarkably Human.” @BillNigh

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Animal Gab Radio : Talk with a Tail ~

Animal Gab Radio host interviews LuRain Penny on her experiences with pets ability to heal their people.

We all know they give us emotional well being – can they even have an impact on our physical health too?

This video is part of a new series of Animal Gab Radio vlogs and podclips up coming.

To hear the full radio programs – visit our page at coastradio.org




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Women’s March 2017


These friends will be at the Women’s March in their area this weekend.

Mrs. B is 98 plus 1/2.

Miss P confused herself years ago. She’s either very old or youngish and in terrible shape.

The dog is Ruby.

Us females got to stick together.

There are more of us than they like to believe.

Let’s show ’em some numbers.

We are the Better World.





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Leo in the Kitchen by codifyer

UnCommon Animal Art by codifyer

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Critters :: Uncommon Animal Art by Byrnes and Cody


Byrnes & Cody present the latest in their collaboration.

CRITTERS :: Uncommon Animal Art

Music by Randy Byrnes.

Photography and digital art by Codifyer.

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artwork by codifyer