The Amazing Story of Best Friend Buffy


My first friend was our Bassett Hound Buffy.

We used to lie outside in the grass, with my head on his back, looking up & dreaming.

Loved him so much, I named my stuffed dog Little Buffy.

Too early I lost them both.

I grew up but never forgot.


30 years later, I found Little Buffy in a Salvation Army Store in my hometown.

One of those tiny miracles that happen all the time.

He’s been with me ever since.

(Indigo likes to sleep with his head on Buffy just like I did.)

 Now he stars as Best Mate to Capt. Black in Pirate.KittyCat.Toon.

 Lost at Sea & needs rescue.

Capt. Black does not hesitate to risk his Life to save his pal.

 True friends do that.

And what is yours returns.



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