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We MUST help our


Peaceful World Wide

The Women’s Marches World Wide were the largest in history.

They were also completely Peaceful.

That’s how Women roll.



This picture of Miss Penny was taken before the march in our little town.

For us, it was not a protest.

We were celebrating of our Right as Americans to Assembly and Free Speech.

  Humorously titled Dodging Facial Recognition Software,

this image would not upload to Twitter with that name.

Changed to Against the Rain, no problem.

Obvious deletions to our freedom will be easy to spot.

What is scarier are the many subtle manipulations of thought.

Share, Care, Be Aware.

Against the Rain by codifyer


Courage by LuRain Penny

“There are many forms of Resistance.

Love in the face of hate is the most courageous.

Be the Better World.”

 LuRain Penny


Portrait of Miss Penny by codifyer


#SafetyPin : Freedom Should Be the Fashion


A portrait of LuRain Penny protesting violence against all people, animals and the Planet.

Be a Safe Place. Better the Better World.




Future Myth

Future Myth by codifyer

Where Love rules there is no will to power, where power predominates there is Love lacking.

One is the Shadow of the Other.

Carl Jung


Future Myth by codifyer