Cloud Mountain

This mountain is a cloud

Cool, huh?

I Remember Pure Sand

 Oregonians used to be proud of being clean and green.

Litter free was the way we liked it.

But the World has sadly changed.

The Ship Report, on Coast Community Radio with Joanne Rideout,

had a wonderful report on  new companies creating product industries reclaiming Marine pollution.

Gives us reason to hope the future may not be as bleak as we fear.

That we are waking up to the Truth.

We have poisoned our Ocean with trash.

Especially plastics.

Plastics never go away.

They disintegrate into toxic chemicals with potentially catastrophic effects on the environment, it’s creatures, or to us.


Marine animals are being killed consuming plastic, even plankton has been filmed eating it.

The deepest part of the Ocean is already heavily contaminated.

Our Natural World has been reduced by chemicals into bottles of stuff on store shelves all over the Planet.

All those millions of bottles find their way back to the Natural World as poison.


If we ever want to see Pure Sand again, we need to do something now.

Every action, decision, purchase & sacrifice could be done with the Planet in mind.

Change your Life

Change the World