Pirate. KittyCat.Toon™ is live on Youtube!

I want to thank all those who supported me with kindness, patience & encouragement over the last nine months.

It truly was giving birth.

This project stretched me as an artist, & was inspired by the bravery of my little kitty Indigo.

The plight of black cats in this World has been a tale of woe.

They are the most abused & the last adopted.

My plan is to team with Black Kitty Rescue organizations &  go into schools to educate kids.

One look at Indigo’s mangled foot & they will understand just how brutal humans can be towards defenseless animals.

May it shock them into a life long resolve to treat all Beings with respect & dignity.


Pirate Kitty is the first in a series of picture books & art toons starring Indigo Black, Adventure Cat.

A Hero in each tale with his merry crew as ensemble players.

The possibilities are limitless.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to illustrate work which celebrates courage, friendship & joy.


Hope you look, like & leave a comment on the video.

Your opinions are valuable to help me grow as an artist & are always appreciated.



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